Introducing LeagueMaps and TeamMaps

Interactive Heat maps of an entire season with statistical reports


  • The Sixers scored 117.4 points at home versus 109.8 on the road. | '21 season
  • The Jazz had a 3PM differential over their opponents of at least 9+ threes in 25 games, and the Warriors had 13 such games for the second most in the league. | '21 season
  • The two teams in the NBA finals both had the highest plus minus in their conference versus .500 teams. The Suns(+5.7) were first overall and the Bucks(+3.4) were third overall. | '21 season
  • The Nets did not lose a game when James Harden had a positive plus minus. | '21 season

The LeagueMap and TeamMap tools aim to provide easy access to advanced stats, similar to the GameMap, but instead uses interactive heat maps to visualize statistical performances throughout an entire season or selected date range. They are accompanied by automatic reports, that show performances broken down by categories such as wins vs. losses, home vs. away games, and .500 vs. sub .500 opponents.

The LeagueMap showcases the performance of each team for every game, while the TeamMap showcases the performance of each player, from the targeted team, for every game. The games can be split by type and sorted along both the y and x axis while being colored to represent it’s statistical value from over 20 key stats. It is interactive and simple to use.

  • Click game squares for the box score.
  • Click players/teams for automatic reports covering differentials and comparisons.
  • Select date range for a custom analysis.
  • Switch between stat views( 3PM, FTA, +/-, REB, AST% etc.)
  • Choose a summation type for the Statbar

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