Finding players for trades, signings, and rebuilds

Rebuild a roster or model it after another one with the Player Match tool

The match and similarity tool uses over 150+ stats to represent different skill sets(pick n’ roll  play, driving ability, spot up shooting, etc.), all of which can be used to run a comparison for a target player against league players. 

It can be a useful tool for rebuilding rosters or finding replacement players. The true value comes from the differences between the match and similarity options. 

The Match option looks for players with the maximal probability of replacing a targeted skill set from the targeted player, while the Similarity option takes a proximity approach to find players that most resemble the targeted player along the targeted skill set.

These differences are significant because the Match option allows you to replace the targets contribution, while potentially gaining in other areas, while the similarity option allows you to maintain continuity and chemistry by finding players that can play a similar role.

To further refine the results, the Match option allows the use of Range controls, so that the results are limited to reasonable replacements based on either stat similarity, salary, or PER. It is simple to use.

  • Pick comparison type(Match or Similarity)
  • Choose targeted stats from specific categories (defense by location, shooting efficiency, offense by location, movement,  clutch play, etc.)
  • Alternatively you can choose a stat pack for different skill sets(scorers, hustlers, rim protectors)
  • Switch between stat views( 3PM,  FTA, +/-, REB, AST% etc.)
  • Choose a summation type for the Statbar

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